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Pet Portrait Price List

Prices are subject to change.

Popular Sizes

12 x 12  &  11 x 14         $300

14 x 14  &  12 x 16         $350

16 x 16  &  14 x 18         $400

18 x 18  &  16 x 20        $470

20 x 20  &  18 x 24        $530

24 x 24  &  22 x 28         $650

30 x 30                        $900

Additional Sizes Available 
Prices are based on one pet per portrait.
An additional fee applies for each additional pet.

Satisfaction Guarante

Ensuring your complete confidence in my work is paramount to me, which is why I offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with all my portraits. I am committed to creating a piece you will love, dedicating considerable time and effort to perfectly capture your vision. Throughout the creation process, your active collaboration is essential. This includes choosing the canvas size and shape, deciding on your pet’s pose, selecting the background color, and providing timely feedback on the updates and photos I share. If you are not satisfied with the final painting, we will work together on revisions. However, if you still remain unsatisfied after these adjustments, you are entitled to a full refund, which must be requested on the day of your final payment. Please note that following a refund, all rights to the original painting and any related photographs, whether complete or incomplete, will revert to Erik Kamenski ART."

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